Follow the Footprints of the Cougar

Meet Miguel Fuentealba, photographer and guide, who has specialized in observing and picturing the largest feline, the Cougar (Puma concolor). He has 8 years of experience in developing personalized, quality excursions and activities inside Torres del Paine National Park. Led by Miguel, the sightings track and photograph the Puma, in its natural habitat, in a responsible manner, without interfering with its daily activities, respecting its times and distances.DSC_3124 (1)DSC_3316DSC_3926DSC_3938DSC_3976

Tracking begins with interpreting the landscape, looking for fresh footprints, observing the behavior of the birds, following their movements and vocalizations. Once the cat is sighted, pictures are captured from the observation spots. Check out some of the pictures and videos which he’s captured during the years._DSC3858DSC_3932

The trip duration ranges from 1-3 days, is customized keeping in mind the interests of the travelers and includes cougar tracking and spotting other wildlife along with experiencing the varied  landscape, ice-covered mountains, glaciers, roaring lakes and waterfalls inside the park. This is a chance for taking some stunning panoramas and capturing some breathtaking scenes visible here in the National Park, Chile.

Travel, explore, experience these unique excursions with him. If interested, check him out at


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