Puella Village, Chile

Lake District mapFeb 2019 – Having visited Chilean Lake District the first day, we were looking forward to Day2 – a day trip to Peulla which is a tiny, ecological village with 120 inhabitants. The whole trip is part of Cruce Andino route (starting from Puerto Varas, Chile to Bariloche, Argentina).

Our bus ride from Puerto Varas to the gates of Vicente Pérez Rosales National Park (approx. 1 hour and 10 mins) took us to the famous sight: Petrohué Falls.

As we hiked through the park crossing tiny bridges, we could hear the loud rushing sound of the falls.DSC00444 The views started getting clearer near to the falls and we saw the gushing cascade of bright blue water finding its way through the landscape and over the rocky edge. This was by far the bluest water we’ve ever seen in a river.

Together with the rocks, the clouds, Osorno volcano in the background, the sun casting shadows on the water made it a stunning panorama.DSC00458DSC00448

The second part was a boat sailing (approx. two hours) through the Andes Mountains across the emerald colored Todos los Santos Lake (Spanish for ‘All Saints Lake’). On the way we watched the Osorno, Puntiagudo and Tronador volcanoes.DSC00483DSC00495 A very scenic journey on a beautiful day, exploring the beauty of mountainous landscapes that took us through the most pristine regions to Peulla.

There were many activities such as canopying, horse riding, and a 4×4 safari.DSC00528 We took the 4×4 safari and some the views of the village were phenomenal.

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The next day it was time to leave the Lake District. As we boarded our flight to Puerto Arenas, I glimpsed through my pictures to remember the little things we saw during our stay and had tried to capture them and some unforgettable scenes. Now I was excited about the next part of the journey, to Southern Patagonia.

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