Highlights of Alaska trip

How do you begin to plan a trip to Alaska? Statistics shows that only 20% of Alaska’s roads are paved versus an average 91% for the other 49 states. Because so much of the state is undeveloped wilderness, from national parks, glaciers, mountains and remote villages, much of the land here is accessible only by water or air.

In my previous post: Alaska, The Last Frontier, I have included our itinerary and some tips for trip planning. Here are a few things which are must-see.


The Klondike Express is a 338-passenger catamaran which starts from the Cliff side Marina, Whittier (located across from the Train Station next to the Cruise Ship Terminal in Whittier) and travels over 140 miles. See my post Alaska Videos for the videos20180806_192217950_ios20180806_192546559_iosThe voyage included visits to several types of glaciers, including Alpine (hanging), Piedmont and Tidewater. We were also able to see some marine wildlife and Glacier calving- when broken pieces of ice fall into the water and become icebergs on the way. Got really close to some of the glaciers, had great picture moments and saw some fantastic scenery on the way.20180806_212812952_ios20180806_230041402_ios20180806_231951667_ios20180806_233208232_ios img_6434Driving to Whittier, we had to pass through a tunnel to reach Whittier that operates on a set schedule and requires a toll. Check the schedule before leaving. It took us 1 hr. and 15 min. to drive from our hotel in Anchorage to Whittier.20180806_184411840_ios20180806_184342226_ios


Driving time from Anchorage to Girdwood was about an hour. On reaching there we had to fill a waiver form and then were then we were fitted with water and wind proofing gear.20180807_232154604_ios We were then separated into groups of three since the helicopter can only take a total of four people at a time including the pilot. The helicopter ride into the Chugach Mountains onto the Punch Bowl Glaciers was amazing and we got to see some stunning views.20180807_233203622_ios20180807_233352625_ios


20180807_233856894_iosOn the glacier, we rode on a sled pulled by 9 dogs while enjoying the majestic views of the scenic snow-covered mountain peaks and valleys around us. Got to experience the enthusiasm of the dogs getting ready to pull the sled and their endurance and their desire to run. See my post Alaska Videos for the videos20180807_235612801_ios20180808_004830365_iosimg_6460dsc_0130dsc_002220180808_001641620_iosAn Iditarod musher told us about his experiences and stories in breeding, training and finally participating in the race.

Highly recommended experience – it was one of the highlights of our trip.


We took an hour-long flight-seeing tour from Anchorage to Lake Clark National Park and Preserve. The pilot landed at Redoubt Mountain Lodge located on the incredible blue Crescent Lake where we spend the day. Our bear watching  began in a covered pontoon boat to lakeside areas accompanied with a guide.20180809_154828577_ios img_6575We saw bears in search of wild Alaska salmon, pouncing on them, wading through water and some of the scenic landscape and wildlife, took pictures and enjoyed the cruise around the lake. See my post Alaska Videos for the videos

20180809_210419303_iosAlaska Bear Fish4Alaska Bear Fish3Alaska Bear3Alaska Bear4Alaska Bear5Alaska Eagle FishRedoubt Mountain Lodge is in a remote area accessible only by plane. Views of the majestic wilderness and the glacier at the end of the lake more than compensated for leaving the civilization behind. Lunch served was freshly caught salmon and cooked there, rice, salad, & cookies. It was an Alaska experience of a lifetime.


The beauty of Denali is unimaginable until you experience flying next to it.img_666220180810_231733014_ios20180810_232649225_ios It gives a very different perspective than seeing it from the ground. Its height, glaciers, canyon walls and the different peaks was such a magnificent experience.20180810_233507057_ios20180810_234644082_ios It was fun to loop around them and learn about the landmarks. We had booked with K2 aviation and they had to reschedule the time to later in the day because of weather.20180810_220754195_ios See my post Alaska Videos for the videos. With the weather clearing up, the views were incredible and the whole flight seeing experience is one not be missed.img_6690img_6662


Took the 8-hour wilderness tour which goes about 50 miles into the park. Saw sheep, bears and caribou. The bears were far away, only able to see thru the magnifying system the bus driver used. it really is one of the best ways to see the park.20180812_171804599_ios20180812_172821076_ios20180812_174008261_ios20180812_191702387_ios20180812_193529756_ios The buses used for the tour were basically school buses and aren’t the most comfortable. I would recommend taking your own lunch as their snack box just has very few snacks.


Tour was eight-and a half-hour wildlife and glacier cruise to Kenai Fjords National Park and included a stop at Fox Island for lunch.20180808_193018312_ios20180808_194042340_ios20180808_210539032_ios Saw some wildlife and a tidewater glacier on the way.20180808_233641975_ios20180808_195241206_ios20180808_224349721_ios The cruise travels around 120 miles round-trip. The boat trip was comfortable but the food was disappointing. There was nothing much on the Fox island to do. Would skip this if I were to go again.


A great place to learn about the tribes and native Alaskan culture. Various buildings re-created some of native Alaskan structures and the guides there described the life-style of their ancestral group. Indoors there was a native dance performance and some people demonstrated native Alaskan games.20180807_183617529_ios20180807_190603651_ios20180807_191412895_ios20180807_193214943_ios20180807_191831005_ios20180807_191907650_ios20180807_193522815_ios


This small zoo displays animals who are native to Alaska and who have been rescued and are not able to be released into the wild. We spend around 4 hours here and got to see black and brown Bears, Moose, Coyotes, Siberian Tiger, many birds, Deers, Cheetah, Mountain Goats,  and many more. 20180814_234119562_ios20180815_000159363_ios20180814_232823025_ios20180814_234631542_ios20180814_234843608_ios20180814_235120241_ios20180814_235403953_ios20180815_000339131_ios20180815_000538651_iosHighlight was the polar bear.20180814_231027410_ios They had plaques telling about the animal – it was fun and informative learning about them. The zoo operates a free shuttle to and from downtown.

Alaska is definitely a dream come true. If you are a nature-lover like we are, then Alaska is sure to impress.

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