Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls is a waterfall in Southern Africa on the Zambezi River at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. Victoria Falls is the largest waterfall, based on its combined width of 5,604 ft and height of 354 ft. Entrance to the falls is through the Victoria Falls National Park entrance gate. Walking through  the trail, the spray and mist from the falling water is a lot at many places and hence the name “The Smoke that Thunders”.


Carrying a raincoat or protection is always a good idea. There are also vendors at the entrance selling some for last minute buying.

David Livingstone- the Scottish missionary and explorer, is believed to have been the first European to view Victoria Falls on 16 November 1855, from what is now known as Livingstone Island. There is a statue of him there overlooking the Devils Cataract.


There is set of stairs going down to a view point called the “Chain Walk”– one can see the Devils Cataract – a place with a good view of the Fall and a great place to click some pictures. The pathway is also slippery at some points, so comfortable walking shoes will help.

The pathway has 19 viewpoints out of which the first fifteen are on the Zimbabwean side and 16-19 on the Zambian side.


Danger Point is the farthest point at the end of the path from where a path to the right takes you to a view point of a bridge which is a favorite spot for bungee jumpers.


We also took the Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight which was a 25 min ride over the Falls and up the Zambezi River and past the Batoka Gorge.

The bird’s eye view of the Falls was spectacular and we got to see some of the most beautiful views.There are two options – one for 10-15 mins and the other is 25 mins and there are many tour companies in the area offering it.


We also did a cruise on the Zambezi River with the Zambezi Explorer. We saw crocodiles, hippos on the way, staff on board were very friendly. Food on board was served as well.


In our 2-day stay we got to see the largest waterfalls, walk on the trail besides it listening to the water thunder  and getting soaked up by the mist, experience the magnificence of the falls from up in the air in the helicopter ride and enjoy a breathtaking view on a river cruise. Three different experiences, all of them unique and leaving us with special memories to take back home.

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